Cultural Society

Cultural Society is the fountainhead of all cultural activities in the Institute. Cultural activities prepare you for real life and strengthen your personal skills. They not only help students to identify themselves with the Institute, but also assist students to develop themselves in a desired field and to improve skills such as organization, presentation, leadership and interpersonal communication. Under the Cultural Society there are five clubs, which function throughout the year.

Dance Club

Whether you are a master or an eager learner, the Dance Club is open for all. The club members come and practice regularly to hone their skills. Called ‘DEFEAT THE BEAT’, the club performs in various festivals and events occurring across the country including Chaos (IIM Ahmedabad) and Mood Indigo (IIT Bombay). The club also organizes workshops on different dance styles .Various intercollegiate events are also conducted .The team added a feather to its cap by getting selected in Indian Hip Hop Championship auditions in 2014.

Drama Club

The Dramatics Club, by the name of DRAMEBAAZ, not only attracts widespread participation from the students, but is also loved by the audience. The club primarily focuses on Street Plays which have always been its forte. High on energy and with a definitive outlook, the club members manage to leave the people enthralled with their performances. The club picks up on the issues faced by the society as theme of their street play. When this amalgamates with brilliant scripting and tongue-in-cheek humour, fireworks are bound to happen.A highly demanding and highly challenging club in its own right, it provides a great sense of satisfaction to those who have an inclination towards performance arts.

Literature Club

It caters the bunch of people who love to indulge into speaking, writing or even reading. Unlike the stereotyped Literati, the club showcases a variety of fun events like JAM, Shout, Hurdles, and Group Discussions aimed to target just any other random trespasser along with the named intellectual ones.

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Music Club

Enough being a nerd all your life. Be the rockstar you always wanted to be.Be it an instrumentalist picking up the rhythm whenever called in or the vocalist who each and every person in the crowd looks up to be. SANGAM, the IITJ Music Club gives you the unique  opportunity to finally to step foot on the blistering stage where you always wished yourself to be on. Spanning from the band performances at the Freshers’ Night, to various performances in different college festivals and also rocking the show at your own Institute in events like Unplugged Night and Musical Extravaganza, the music club has it all.

Quiz Club

Although among the youngest clubs, the Quiz Club stands out to be one of the most active and popular club of IIT Jodhpur. The club acts as a platform for the student community to exercise their grey cells, think out of the box and quench their thirst for knowledge. The club organizes interesting quiz sessions throughout the year to cultivate a passion for quizzing among the students. The club also gives the students an opportunity to participate at national and intra-collegiate quizzes.