Office Bearers 2016 - 17

General Secretary
Pankaj Yadavmore_vert

General Secretary, Students' Gymkhana

Pankaj Yadavclose

Mob.: +91-9001222747

Pursuing Mechanical Engineering in my final year UG. Knowledge lover, Poet, Keen observer of politics and social issues.

I don't have dreams, I have goals, now it's on to the next one

Society Secretaries
Vivek Yadav more_vert

Secretary, Technical Society

Vivek Yadavclose


Mob.: 9772721750

Shiv Mohanmore_vert

Secretary, Cultural Society

Shiv Mohanclose


Mob.: 9782112977

Himanshu Vermamore_vert

Secretary, Sports Society

Himanshu Vermaclose


Mob.: 094601 60125

I believe in dreams as according to me if we don’t dream big, we won’t work hard enough to get what we can. I like to work upon new ideas that pops up in my mind while thinking. Lone sitting and thinking is my hobby. Now coming to the sport that I am passionate about, basketball. I am a basketballie for life. When I step onto the basketball court the only thing in my mind is that I have to be the best for my team. I win the matches and even I lose the matches but there is one thing I never lose that is ‘my hope to win’.

Yasharth Sahumore_vert

Secretary, Media Arts & Design Society

Yasharth Sahuclose


Mob.: +91-8890736770

I believe in Creativity. There's an Art in everything we see, we feel. Its just the way to interpret it either by clicking or drawing. See everything from different angle, blend it with your thoughts and you will get something very unique & incredible.

Vijay Kumar Paliwalmore_vert

Secretary, ARMA Society

Vijay Kumar Paliwalclose


Mob.: 7891780461

An enthusiast of coding and developing things. Loves talking to people and open minded listener. Feel free to ping anytime for a random talk about anything with Vijay.