“ I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I woke up and saw, life was service, I acted and behold service was joy. ” – Rabindranath Tagore.

Exposure! Exposure is everything. One lives in a geographically better location, amidst of good nourishment, schooling opportunities and employment sooner or later follows. Nothing routine, could probably stop him from being the best of what he desires. Now, the lack of exposure and opportunities? Yes, the second side do troubles a lot!

We here at IITJ, joined our hands together for a dream. To bring a change, a ‘Parivartan’ and bridge the gap by at least one step forward, towards equality. Because no one is cursed to live a deprived life. It’s just lack of exposure. Exposure to their opportunities, rights and facilities they could have. Darkness is nothing but shadow created by blocking light. And many parts of our society had been living in the darkness for too long that they need an aid to search their way out.

To create a good sense of social responsibility among IITJ community and come together for a cause that spreads a positive vibrance around us. To lend a helping hand to the needy and build a healthy, prosperous society is the motive that drives Parivartan. At the same time a better knowledge of the society and its feedback loops with a hands on experience is gained by students.

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Overall Student Head
Chandana Darapaneniclose

Health & Hygiene Wing
“ Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings. ” - Publilius Syrus

The main aim of this department is to make people aware of their health and fitness and to maintain hygiene level in the society.


  • A health camp was organized at Sangeria, by providing free medical checkups, medicines and thus catering to health improvement over 176 villagers.
  • Knowing the importance of blood, the greatest gift to mankind, a blood donation camp was organized at GPRA (our residential area) which received a huge response from people all over Jodhpur.
  • With an Aim of eradicating polio among the children of Sangeria Village, polio drops were given to them.
  • Career Counselling was done in a government school near GPRA to support the emotional health and well-being of these young people and help them build a healthy future.
  • Celebration of 'Global Hand Wash Day' on 15th October.
  • Head
    Monark Sutariyaclose

    Environmental Awareness Wing
    “ What if we create a world where environment doesn’t need to be ‘protected’? ”

    Environment is one of the major factors that concerns the wellbeing of a society. It provides us various resources and saves us from many dangers. It provides conditions for development and growth. The environment is being damaged which in turn harms us. It is our duty to safeguard it. So as much awareness as possible should be spread among various people to protect it.


  • We conduct various competitions in schools and educational institutions and make children aware and also invoke their interest in protecting the environment.
  • Perform nukkad (street play) and other awareness activities in villages to educate them about this issue.
  • Conduct drives in the streets to make the shopkeepers and other people change their perspective into doing their best in keeping the surroundings clean.
  • Head
    Sravan Garimellaclose

    Educational Awareness
    " If you want a change for a while, go for a trip. if you want a change for a life time, educate a child! it will change a life. ”

    Our vision is to infuse the importance of education and spreading public awareness in under developed socities.

    Our mission is to Clarify and communicate the concept and key message of education for sustainable development. For this we do:-

  • Raise public awareness
  • Identify and share innovative practices for better education
  • Encompassing a new vision of education that seeks to empower people of all ages to assume responsibility for creating a sustainable future
  • To bridge the gap between the general public and the frontiers of science
  • To influence the society by spreading knowledge and thinking
  • Making people aware of the education of girls and women to raise Gender Equality
  • Activities

  • Summer camp
  • Demonstrations
  • Rewards and motivation
  • Navodya preparation
  • Guest lecture
  • Science fair
  • Winter camp
  • Educational trip
  • Head
    Anand Kumarclose

    Research and development
    “ Potentially, things that change the world are: love, weapons and technology. ”

    Technology being the most potential tool for any kind of advancements, to use it in a way for the benefit of society is our mission. We believe, there is a need for more technology that not only makes things easier but better, sustainable and equally handy for everyone irrespective of their status ( More happier if it could help eliminate the status differences). We take up various projects of public interest. It is also the other way around, take up issues and research for technological solutions. Completed and on-going projects:

  • Water desalination
  • E-blood bank
  • Solar multi-purpose lamp
  • After burner
  • Smart irrigation
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Head
    Sudhir Pratap Yadavclose

    “ Think | Believe | Change ”

    Soch aims at addressing various contemporary social issues and arriving at practical solutions to these issues. Our motto is - “Think, Becaue you can change”. We primely focus on the issues that got deep rooted in the society, but are subjected to disregard. Soch is also the mainstream social initiative of VARCHAS, the annual Sports Festival of IIT Jodhpur. Which means using a platform where young spirits meet as a stage of awareness on burning issues.


  • Surveys and social experiments
    -- Every year, we focus on one problem, and we try to find out how people actually look at it. Talks and opinion polls at public places and gatherings is one way to do that.
  • Awareness drives with school children
    -- We stress on our future citizens, they should be aware about societal issues and a proper prospective. So we spend time with them.
  • Discussions and debates
    -- ‘Awaaz’ is our very reputed platform where discussions and brain storming by profound personalities take place annually during ‘Varchas’. We chose many other ways to provide a food for thought. Nukkad/Drama are a very good medium to tell your tale.
  • Head
    Madhvendra Tiwariclose

    Assistant Head
    Deepanshu Bhojakclose

    Divya Navalclose