Aeromodelling Club IIT Jodhpur


It is an art of designing, manufacturing and simulation of small airplanes gliders, paper planes etc.
We as human being are blessed with creative mind, whenever we see flying things around whether they are birds, butterflies, insects or even human made planes, gliders, there is always a desire to make something which can fly. When passion bears fruits, the fight is under control and our joys seems limitless.


Hanger Rat
The task is to design your aircraft in such a way so that it can fly for maximum time along with making horizontal and vertical loops and covering maximum distance. Safe landing and design of plane also carries point. Winning the competition is based on time of flight, horizontal and vertical loops, range, design and safe landing.
Terrain Surfer
Design a RC Hovercraft capable to knock its way out through various terrains like sand, mud, water, gravel, concrete etc., and is tested for speed , maneuverability and handling.
Aqua Missile
This part tests the abilities of your missile by maximum time of flight and range. You have to keep your missile in air for maximum time and cover maximum range. Use all your knowledge of physical laws and design the model so as to win the competition. The competition will be performed in two rounds, first round for time of flight and second for range.

Balsa craft
Working on different designs and understanding basic principles of flight and material selection.
Hover Craft
Learning the principle of levitation due to air thrust with the understanding of electronics involved.