Technical Society IIT Jodhpur



WE are the programming fraternity of IIT Jodhpur. Established the year our college started, we have gone from strength to strength in the past years.
WHETHER it is algorithmic programming challenges, AI games, hacking on something cool, we do it together.
WE at Programming Club do not believe that a person is limited to just one field. Hence we have these different cells which promote and help to develop skills in their respective fields.


Participants need to develop an app. The app can be web based or for the Windows Mobile Platform. Apps can be developed for any categories such as Business Tools, Education, Enterntainment, Games, Lifestyle, NEws and Weather, Productivity Tools, Social and communication, Utilities etc.
This event will be conducted in two parts. In first half, each team has to write obfuscated code for the specific simple problem given to the team. The problem can be as simple as printing Fibonacci series. The team will be provided with the compiler for this part. After this, your code will be provided to every other team and you will be provided with the code of other teams. In second half, the teams have to go through the snapshots of codes of the other teams and decode the task being performed by them.
WebCraft is an event to showcase your skills in the field of basic development of web pages. We provide you with a perfect platform to demonstrate your coding skills in fusion with creativity using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Dark Hour Programming Contest
This is the annual competitive coding contest organised by Programming Club IITJ. This is an overnight team contest (max 3 people). People from all years take part in the contest to hone their programming skills. DirectI was sponser for the last year's contest.


Focus: Data structures and Algorithms.

Competitive coding is the main agenda of meetups in this cell. Members of this cell know where to find all resources to enhance one’s competitive coding skills, how and where to practice, what to do in order to improve oneself at every stage in the vast field of algorithms.

What We Do

Participate in almost all major competitive coding contests online.
Participate in the international level coding olympics: the ACM ICPC.
Organize DHPCs (Dark Hour Programming Contests) for practice.
Conduct workshops and lectures regarding algorithms and data structures as required and requested by the students.


Focus: Software, Web, and Mobile Development.

This cell consists of the best developers in the club. Be it software, web tech, mobile apps, or anything new, fancy and helpful to the world, this cell accommodates for all the fields.

What We Do

Contribute to internationally well known open source software like Mozilla Firefox, DuckDuckGo, some well known Python libraries and many more. Participate in Google Summer of Code (GSoC), Build cool apps and host them on Android playstore and/or Windows appstore and/or on the web. Conduct workshops and lectures on latest web and mobile technologies and organize hackathons as required and requested by the students.

Carpe Diem

Focus: Cyber and Software Security (Hacking).

This cell consists of meticulous programmers who love freedom (hackers). From script kiddies like phishing, unauthorized code injections, email-spoofing and cookie hacks to bolder and conceptual topics like cryptography, binary exploitation, reverse code engineering, steganography and network packet sniffing, we have it all.

What We Do

Participate in national and international Hacking competitions including Microsoft’s annual hacking championship, InCTF, and other international events on CTFtime.
Conduct workshops on hacking and new technologies and methods in the field and provide resources as required and requested by the students.