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Most of us have the fear to express our feelings and we in IIT jodhpur think that dance can convey this in its own form with the energy,sync and the perfection in the steps . IIT Jodhpur gives ample oppourtunity to explore your interest in Dancing.



Introductory session:  This will give a broad sense of idea about the college dance  group 'Defeat The Beat’ where we introduce freshermen to our members of the group by showcasing some of our videos and by dancing too.

Spandan(Intra College Fest): This gives freshers the idea of fest , where we get to showcase our talent as a dancer, we even conduct many competitions like solo and on the spot .

National wide Fest: Every year our Dance group competes in many national wide fests where we get to represent our college.

The Fest's include IIT Bombay’sMood IndigoandInter IIT Cult Meetetc,.

Ignus(Inter College Fest): This is a place where we not only perform energetically as we being the hosts  but take pride in doing that we even organise many dance competitions here.

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Key People


Ajat Prabha


Pravendra Khichi

I have been a trainee at TATA Power and a player in our basketball team and went to INTERIIT too.I was a member of Sutterbugs, Frame-X, MUN club of IIT Jodhpur.

Harshul Sharma

Vice-Captain Dance Club(2017-18)