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Here, at Dramebaaz, which is what our Drama Club of IITJ is fondly called, we carry out both street and stage plays. Street plays are best known for their catchy dialogues, attractive slogans and powerful depiction of emotions like tragedy, humor, jealousy, etc. They are carried out along with music and dance. The primary objective of performing street plays is to create a sense of awareness in the society by depicting various significant issues related directly or indirectly to it. On the other hand, stage plays are known for their artistic work and scripting.
Thus Drama club is much more than just acting. It’s a platform to excel your skills, learn many new ones and re-energise yourself. It is just like a family. We gather not only for discussion and practice, but also find time for each other, just like family members, sharing our experiences and learning in the process.

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Key People

Manu Sheoran


Student Guide
Captain,Drama Club

Mayank Tak

Vice Captain

A Sherlockian and a Potterhead.

Saurav Yadav (B17EE053)

Vice Captain

Student Guide.


Kanak Jain

Thoughtfully thoughtful, subtly intelligent, argumentative yet understanding!

Manu Sheoran

Student Guide
Captain,Drama Club