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The fine arts club aims to provide a platform to the interested students who want to learn, develop and improve their Fine Arts skills under the guidance of senior club members. It is not just a club consisting of the most creative people in the institute, it is a family where you learn, teach and enjoy the art of making life colorful. In any fest be it Ignus, Spandan or Varchas, this club has a major contribution making it look beautiful, artistic and eyecatching.


  1. Participation in Inter-IIT Cultural Meet 2018

  2. OIl Painting Workshop

  3. Acrylic Painting Worshop

  4. Charcoal Art Workshop

  5. Soft Pastel Workshop

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Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

by Pablo Picasso

It’s clear that our Institute has a lot of faces with some mind-boggling and creative talents hidden behind their daily busy schedule which was in a much need to be showcased to others too. The Fine Arts Club (Ateliers) of Student Design & Arts Society is feeling proud to tell you all that we got that opportunity on 11-13th Jan 2019 to conduct sessions on the following art forms by Mr. Kavish Meena and Mr. Rajesh Jangid both from Rajasthan School of Arts (Jaipur) during which we ourselves were stunned to see some of the precious pieces of arts:

  1. Oil Painting
  2. Acrylic painting
  3. Live Sketching of Human Figures
  4. Soft Pastel Artwork
  5. Charcoal Art

"Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence."

by Colin Powell

It is a matter of pride to share that our talented artists have done remarkably well in Inter IIT Cultural Meet 2018 held at IIT Roorkee. There were total four events under Fine Arts section in which our Institute participated:

  1. Canvas Painting
  2. Charcoal Art
  3. Costume designing
  4. Live sketching

And backed VIth position in Costume Designing and Xth position in Charcoal Art that’s too with very little practice and previous experience. And also, we learned a lot from our failures and are ready to fight it with all our inspiration, hard work, perseverance, and creativity so that we can achieve more and more in the future. Following are the names of participants for different events:

Canvas Painting
  1. Chakshu Gupta
  2. Ajay Goel
  3. Sahil Gaur
Live Sketching
  1. Parvesh Saini
  2. Pradeep Panchal
  3. Madhavi Parbhane
Costume Designing
  1. Pranavi Peramsetty
  2. Ankur Meena
  3. Piyush Garg
  4. Rishabh Shukla
  5. Arushi Midha
  6. Chandni Tiwari
Charcoal Sketching
  1. Pradeep Panchal
  2. Parvesh Saini
  3. Poojan Gajjar

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Key People


  1. Acquired IIIrd position in Chaos 2015 in IIM Ahmedabad.
  2. Organised Kalakriti (a kind of fine arts festival) in 2015.
  3. Acquired VIth position in Costume Designing in Inter-IIT Cultural Meet 2018.