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In Greek mythology, PHEME, daughter of Elpis (Hope), described as "she who initiates and further communicates".

Since its inception, PHEME justifying its name has been the journalism face of IIT Jodhpur, voicing out opinions of students, criticizing the execrable, sharing experiences and putting up almost everything, in and out of the campus. Bearing a crucial responsibility, it instills in a spirit of sharing information which could be used by one in need. Following the culture of IIT Jodhpur, Team PHEME believes in working for the society as well. With its printed version IITJ Newsletter, we assure that mind-boggling researches, gala events and stories from all the corners of the campus are in your hands for your perusal.

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Key People

Sachin Pandey (B17ME050)


Ergophile|Keen Observer|Inquisitive
Can openly discuss Current Affairs,Issues,Politics,History.


Abhinav Suthar

Talk is cheap...Show me the code!

Ajat Prabha


Shashank Mohabia

A techno geek loves to play with codes and videos & admirers to explore!!!

Ujjwala Anantheswaran

An avid reader, who enjoys writing, coding, sketching, and singing - and is free for a bout of crazy fangirling any time.