8-10 Feb'19
About Nimble

Nimble, the intra-college technical fest provides a platform to the techno buds of the college to show their hidden talent. Nimble comprises of four action-packed days filled with a great variety of tech and science events ranging from the intense mind boggling events such as Robotics, Electronics, programming to fun-filled events like angry bird, quizzes, crypto etc. Apart from the events, the talks by eminent personalities in the field of Science and Technology are organized to motivate students to work harder as there is no end to discoveries and inventions.

Nimble Event Schedule
EventsDate & TimeVenue
Game DestroyerAvailable SoonAvailable Soon
High-Prep Events
EventsDate & TimeVenue
Ideation And Presentation10 Feb. , 1 p.m.Available Soon
Showcase10 Feb. , 1 p.m.Available Soon
Informal Events
EventsDate & TimeVenue
Gaming Night08 Feb. , 10 p.m.LHB-308
Maze Runner09 Feb. , 10:30 a.m.Ground near G6
Treasure Hunt09 Feb. , 5 p.m.LHB-105
Gaming Zone10 Feb. , noonLHB Lobby
Low-prep Events (On Spot)
EventsDate & TimeVenue
Star Wars09 Feb. , 11 a.m.LHB-105
People-Counter09 Feb. , 11 a.m.LHB-106
Obfuscator09 Feb. , 1 p.m.LHB-105
Auto Quiz09 Feb. , 2 p.m.LHB-205
Cad Night09 Feb. , 9 p.m.LHB-204,205
Messier Hunt10 Feb. , midnightLHB-Terrace
Aqua Missile10 Feb. , 11 a.m.LHB-Front
Code Alpha10 Feb. , 2 p.m.LHB-105
Mid-prep Events (Inter Hostel)
EventsDate & TimeVenue
Rube Goldberg25 Jan. , 8 p.m.Allocated Hostel Rooms
Crane-O-Mania09 Feb. , 9 a.m.LHB-206
6Th Sense09 Feb. , 9 a.m.LHB-205
Door Lock09 Feb. , 5 p.m.LHB-204
Turbo10 Feb. , 9 a.m.LHB-105
Drone Racing10 Feb. , 5 p.m.LHB-Green Room
Secure-It10 Feb. , 7 p.m.LHB-106
Tele Touch10 Feb. , 7 p.m.LHB-205
Exoplanet DetectionAvailable SoonAvailable Soon
Workshops and Talks
EventsDate & TimeVenue
Blockchain Technology22 Jan. , 7 p.m.LHB-308
Rc Plane27 Jan. , 10 a.m.LHB-105
CosmologyAvailable SoonAvailable Soon

On spot hackathons that will continue all day long.

These events require significant amount of effort and will contain ongoing challenges. The ideas of the solution will be presented during the event and would be judged seperately. Besides the problem statements this event will also showcase some significant projects that have been undertaken by the students of IITJ.

Events for fun!!!!

These events require low level of prepreation and expect on spot participation.

These events require medium level of prepration for participation and will also serve as the basis of deciding inter hostel winners.

Workshops organized on various topics for exposure to emerging fields.